Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May/Junes Book Club

The IHCC book club met on June 2, 2010. We discussed the book titled "The Devil in the White City." One member really enjoyed the book. Some did not want to finish the book and a few could take it or leave it. There were two main subjects in this book that were connected by Chicago and the fair. The Chicago World's Fair and the items that were first introduced at the fair were discussed.
The Devil-H. H. Holmes was an early serial killer. He preyed on women who were coming to Chicago to the fair. He was a ladies man and would invite them to his boarding house/hotel which was constructed with a torture and gas chambers and a chute to send the bodies to the basement where he could burn them.
We also discussed what we would be reading this summer. Book Club will meet in September to discuss what we have read over the summer and pick up copies of the "All Iowa Reads" selection.

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